ARCFOX Forges Strategic Alliance with Spanish Port, Marking its Foray into the European Electric Vehicle Market.



On February 15, 2024, Chinese electric vehicle (EV) brand ARCFOX signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Port Authority of Ferrol in the Galician region of Spain. ARCFOX will use the Port of Ferrol as the European import base for its EVs.


Designed by the prestigious European car designer Walter de Silva, ARCFOX’s EVs will be manufactured by Magna’s factory in Zhenjiang, China. To date, two of ARCFOX’s models have already obtained the European Union Small Series Type Approval (SSTA) and the application process for the EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) is underway for several other models.

Jane Zheng, the executive director of CHINA EV LIMITED (CEV), ARCFOX’s designated exporter, explained to this publication, "The vehicles from ARCFOX are expected to arrive in Spain as early as April 2024. In addition to establishing an import base in Ferrol, we will also establish ARCFOX's parts center in Europe in partnership with local partners. Moreover, ARCFOX’s operational and customer center, ARCFOX EU, will also be unveiled in Frankfurt, Germany, in March 2024. As a new electric vehicle brand entering Europe, ARCFOX will provide comprehensive services suitable for the European market to European customers, including a 6-year/150,000-kilometer basic warranty, an 8-year/150,000-kilometer motor and electronic control system warranty, a 10-year/200,000-kilometer power battery warranty, and a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty."

Furthermore, Zheng added, "CEV is a functional platform company focused on aiding the expansion of Chinese EV brands overseas. CEV has assisted ARCFOX in obtaining EU certification for the related models and is also aiding ARCFOX in building a comprehensive service platform in Europe that integrates market promotion, import customs clearance, distribution and dealer network, charging network, after-sales service, parts supply, and information security."

Currently, a significant number of Chinese EV brands, such as MG, BYD, NIO, and others, have entered the European market. Nevertheless, the acceptance of Chinese EV brands by European consumers is still influenced by several factors, including brand recognition, dealer network, and the construction of charging infrastructure. Consequently, if ARCFOX intends to secure a strong position in the European market, it must intensify its brand promotion efforts in Europe, expand its dealer network, and enhance the charging infrastructure to improve acceptance among European consumers.

"ARCFOX models feature robust chassis and responsive handling, an in-vehicle entertainment system adapted to European communication networks, and intelligent driving assistance functions tailored to European road conditions. We believe these are all aspects European customers would find appealing," Zheng concluded.

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