As a prestigious international school in Hangzhou , the English curriculum at Wellington College International Hangzhou is adapted in a number of ways, most noticeably to include the teaching of Chinese. As an international school in Hangzhou with high reputation, Wellington College International Hangzhou ensures its pupils perfect all the skills involved in the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The school also encourages pupils to communicate in Chinese during their lessons and also outside in the wider community to ensure they are taking full advantage of the opportunity to develop their knowledge of one of the most popular languages in the world.

  The Chinese syllabus is based on the Chinese Education Curriculum complemented by external topics, resources and activities that enrich the language. With a close view to working towards the IGCSE qualification, this international school in Hangzhou prepares pupils to become familiar with the IGCSE examination outline and criteria from Key Stage 3.

  Chinese lessons at this international school in Hangzhou are designed to cater for both native and non-native speakers of Chinese. Wellington College International Hangzhou ensures pupils are excited and interested to learn the language and foster the development of key skills. Through the teaching of Chinese:

Pupils can present information, concepts and ideas on a variety of topics.

Pupils critically analyse and interpret the seen and spoken word for implied and hidden meanings.

Pupils widen and deepen their language awareness by means of literature, news reports and commentaries.

Pupils apply their knowledge of word origins to determine the meaning of new words encountered in reading materials and use those words accurately.

Pupils demonstrate knowledge and understanding of significant components of Chinese culture and cultural aspects of the language.

  At this international school in Hangzhou, all native-speaking pupils are educated to master solid knowledge and skills in Chinese, have a full recognition and love of Chinese history and culture; while  all  non-native speaking pupils receive individual learning to meet their different language levels and develop their curiosity and interests on learning Chinese and Chinese culture.

  In the Chinese class, while explaining the vocabulary and text, Wellington College International Hangzhou supplement the relevant cultural background so that its pupils can better understand the text and vocabulary. At the same time, this international school in Hangzhou encourages pupils to show their cultural knowledge.

  Teaching Chinese culture in regular lessons, participating in themed activities and festival celebrations are the direct ways to immerse our pupils themselves into the Chinese atmosphere.

  Applications for this international school in Hangzhou are now being welcomed for the 2021-22 academic year. 

  However, if you are moving to Hangzhou prior to the next academic year we are very happy to accommodate your requirements. Wellington College International Hangzhou can offer you and your family a personalised tour where you will meet the Master and experience our excellent teaching and learning. Please contact admissions team via (+86-571) 8239 6366 or for more information.

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